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  SUBMISSIONS - Procedures

RECOMB 2007 Paper Submission is Now Closed
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Start and Deadline of Submission

July 1, 2006: First day of submission
September 30, 2006, at 23:59 GMT: Submission deadline

Paper Submission Methods

Submission of extended abstracts (papers) to RECOMB 2007 will be via the web at If you have any problems with the submission process, papers may also be e-mailed to Please note that via the web is the preferred means of paper submission.

Web submission will require registration with a valid e-mail address prior to submission. Papers must be submitted as a single pdf or postscript file.

For submission by e-mail, include the title of the paper in the subject line, and include your paper (in pdf or postscript) as an attachment. You will receive a confirmation that the paper was received, at the e-mail address where your submission was sent. Please be sure you have received a confirmation. Provide in the body of the e-mail message the title of the submission, the list of authors, the contact person, the e-mail address for the contact person and a keyphrase list. Leave a blank line between each of these.

Keyphrase List(s)

To help organize the papers and to assign reviewers, we ask you to select keyphrases from a standardized list to describe your paper. Keyphrases will be selectable during the web submission process, but must also be included in any e-mail submission.

You will be asked to select PRIMARY and SECONDARY keyphrases from the standardized list below, that most effectively describe the content of your paper, either in terms of biology or technique. You may select as many keyphrases as you wish, or none if the standardized keyphrases do not apply.

If you wish to use keyphrases that are not in the standardized list, please list those in the OTHER KEYPHRASE entry field. Please ensure that you have provided at least one PRIMARY or OTHER keyphrase.

The Standardized Keyphrases for PRIMARY and SECONDARY lists are:

Bayesian Networks
DNA mapping
DNA sequencing
Markov models and/or hidden Markov Models
RNA structure comparison
RNA structure prediction
SNP discovery or use
Alternative splicing
Combinatorial optimization
Comparative genomics
Computational genetics
Database searching
Database construction
Determining or using metabolic pathways and networks
Determining or using regulatory pathways and networks
Drug design
Experiment design
Gene expression analysis
Gene networks
Gene prediction
Genome alignment/comparisons
Genome annotation
Genome evolution
Genome rearrangements
Haplotype modeling, finding, analysis
Haplotype use
Machine learning
Mass-spec technologies
Microarray design and/or data analysis
Models of evolution
Molecular evolution
Molecular modeling and/or docking
Multiple sequence alignment
Neural networks
New technologies
Pairwise sequence alignment
Pattern and motif discovery
Peptide identification by mass-spec
Phylogenetic analysis
Phylogenetics: algorithms
Phylogenetics: statistical aspects
Protein function prediction
Protein interaction
Protein structure comparison
Protein structure prediction
Quantitative or population genetics
Regulatory region prediction
Sequence assembly
Splice site recognition
Statistics of motifs or strings
String algorithms
Systems biology

File Types

Submissions should be in pdf or postscript.


Due to a very large expected number of submissions, and out of fairness to authors and reviewers, the submission deadline will be strictly and universally enforced. Please do not ask for extensions or permission to substitute/correct a submission after the deadline.

Manuscript Preparation and Simultaneous Submissions

See the call for papers on the RECOMB website for information on manuscript preparation and the policy on simultaneous submissions.

Submission Restrictions on Program Committee Members

At most two submissions authored or co-authored by the same PC member are allowed.

PC submissions will be held to a higher standard; to be accepted a PC submission must be a clear accept, not a marginal accept.

PC members will be excluded from viewing the referees' comments on their submissions. The identity of the referees of their submissions will be kept secret from them.

PC members will abstain from participating in evaluation of papers by their students, or in any other case of conflict of interests.

PC members are not allowed to add their names to accepted papers, or to journal versions submitted later for a special RECOMB issue.

No submissions are allowed by the PC chair.

Persons reporting directly to the PC chair will not be allowed to submit papers.